Chemical Peels: Which Level Is Best For You?


Here at Denver Laser Solutions, we often get questions about what chemical peels are and how they work. For those not familiar with peels, the word can seem rather scary. As opposed to manual exfoliation like scrubs or microdermabrasion that physically remove dead skin cells, chemical peels use a variety of ingredients to induce exfoliation and “peel” away the layers of dead skin.


The Truth About Pores



At our downtown Denver med-spa we offer so many treatments to help with 
numerous skin conditions. From age spots to lines and wrinkles, sagging skin 
and hair removal. Yet, ironically a large portion of our skincare clientele 
have concerns about their pore size! This month of July 2015 our Yon-Ka 

20 Little Known Facts about Our Tiffany Martelli


Tiffany Martelli is the original founder of Denver Laser Solutions. She has worked in Denver skin care for over seven years. Here are 20 little known facts about her:


Originally from: Boston


I moved…

Monica and Yon-Ka


Becoming part of the Denver Laser Solutions family has truly opened my eyes to a brand new world of facial care. If you had asked me a few months ago what my facial cleaning regimen was I would have proudly said nothing, I don't ever wash my face! It wasn't until my first day on the job when Tiffany asked me that very question and I saw the shocked look on her face. I…

Juliette And Her Recommended Moisturizing Routine


 Denver Laser Solutions is pleased to introduce our intern, Juliette. Juliette is currently completing her Esthetics program at Heritage College of Denver and is excited to be starting her career as an Esthetician, however she does not want to stop there. After obtaining her degree from Heritage, Juliette plans to become laser certified and eventually would like to own…

Reduce Your Risk of Skin Cancer and Early Skin Aging With SPF


Learn how the suns energy affects the skin so that you may better understand why SPF is the number one anti-again skincare product and best prevention against skin cancers.

An Introduction to Botox


Since the invention of Botox it continues to be a growing market and demand for this service is always high. The best way to get a quick fix and give yourself a beauty boost is with the injection of Botox. That frown line that always makes you look mad or the lines around your eyes that give away your age can easily be corrected with Botox. Just like any quick fix Botox…

Stretch Mark Reduction Treatments - Better Than Ever!


Denver Laser Solutions is clinical skincare for face and body. This means we also treat a variety of skin conditions on the body as well as the face. Our fractionated laser treatments that were originally developed for lines and wrinkles have also been FDA cleared for scar revision and stria or stretch marks.


Read more | May 21, 2015

Skin Tightening And Eliminating "Turkey Neck"


Skin tightening has always been a challenge in the noninvasive skincare world. After doing a lot of research and a lot of testing, Denver Laser Solutions is proud to announce the investment into Ultherapy! The first and one and only focused ultrasound technology FDA cleared to lift the skin.

Many of our older clients noticing jowling around the jawline or "turkey neck" have not had many…

Permanent Hair Reduction And IPL


We are most popularly known on review sites for our efficient and comfortable permanent hair reduction treatments. At Denver Laser Solutions we use an intense pulse light or IPL device to permanently remove unwanted hair on the face and body.

Intense pulse light is a lightbeam opposed to a laser beam this light has multiple wavelengths opposed to just one specific wavelength like a laser,…