Who is CoolSculpting for?

Are You a Good Candidate for CoolSculpting?

To ensure our Denver CoolSculpting clients have the best results, during the initial consultation we make sure you are a good candidate for the treatment. Below are a few guidelines for you to know:

Qualities of a Good CoolSculpting Candidate:

  1. Anyone who is active and fit that has areas on the body that diet and exercise doesn’t seem to fix
  2. Anyone who is looking for additional support in having their body shaped and the natural curvature beautifully restored
  3. Anyone who was considering liposuction or liposculpture but wants a treatment that is less invasive, less costly, less risky and with less downtime
  4. Anyone who has pinchable fat between the chin and the knees
  5. Anyone who needs a highly trained clinician who understands the art of body contouring while being fluent in the intricacies and science of CoolSculpting technology and applicators
  6. Anyone who wants to feel more confident in their own skin and better about themselves. It is not just professional athletes that get to have the best bodies!

CoolSculpting is Not for You:

  1. If you want to use it as a weight loss tool. CoolSculpting is a treatment that helps shape the body, but it will not assist you in losing weight.
  2. If you have a BMI over 30. If this is you, our in-house health professionals can help you lose weight and get to a BMI where CoolSculpting can be successful for you.

CoolSculpting is For Body Contouring Not Weight Loss

Subcutaneous fat, the fat eliminated in the CoolSculpting treatment, is different from visceral fat cells, the fat that surrounds your organs and causes you to gain weight. To lose weight you must shrink visceral fat cells. Treating visceral fat cells is not done with CoolSculpting and as such CoolSculpting does not assist in losing weight.

Interestingly, when we gain weight the fat cells in our body get bigger, and as we lose weight those same cells get smaller. With people who are within their normal body weight, the number of their fat cells is determined during early adolescence and remains relatively consistent throughout their lives. Our fat cells are replaced at about 10% per year so as the fat cells are removed through CoolSculpting it takes time for them to replenish.

CoolSculpting for Women

CoolSculpting is equally effective for both men and women. Where CoolSculpting differs for men and women is how it helps support the shaping of the body.

For women, CoolSculpting helps:

  1. Provide a natural feminine curve
  2. Shape a small waist
  3. Give you a flat stomach
  4. Sculpt out the curves you want and get rid of the curves you don’t
  5. Shape the hips
  6. Accentuate abdominal muscles
  7. Remove bra fat
  8. Eliminate back fat
  9. Slim the thighs
  10. Get rid of the skin that is squeezed when you wear strapless shirts or dress
  11. Help women to get their pre-pregnancy (or pre-baby) bodies back. Video: How CoolSculpting help women post-pregnancy.
  12. Give an inner thigh gap

CoolSculpting for Men

Yes! Many of our Denver CoolSculpting clients are men!

Guys trust Denver Laser Solutions CoolSculpting professionals to do the following:

  1. Create the “V” aka a highly defined abdominal muscle / V shaped torso
  2. Build and accentuate the body to give the appearance of wide, broad shoulders
  3. Sculpt the chest
  4. Shape a slender waist
  5. Sculpt the abs i.e shape external oblique muscle, internal oblique muscle and/or the transversus abdominis muscle
  6. Accentuate the pecs