Treatment Areas

Areas We Treat with CoolSculpting Technology

CoolSculpting technology is designed to kill fat in the areas most resistant to diet and exercise such as the love handles, thighs, chin, bum and other areas. Further, this advanced technology has applicators specific to different trouble spots to ensure maximum effectiveness.

Treatment Areas using the Cool Advantage and Cool Advantage Plus Applicators

Love Handles, Flanks and the Abdomen
Oh those stubborn love handles and that extra abdomen fat! No matter how much diet and exercise you do everything seems to be content staying exactly as is. Thankfully we have CoolSculpting, the only FDA approved fat freezing treatment that can naturally get rid of the fat causing love handles, while flattening your belly, accentuating your abs and giving women that hour glass shape – all without special diet or exercise.Men and women alike both love what CoolSculpting can do to give them the 12 month a year beach body.

The Banana Roll
You probably did not even know a banana roll could or did exist – until you looked in the mirror one day and seemed to have an extra layer of skin, underneath where your bottom would typically end. Thankfully, CoolSculpting not only can make this extra and unwanted bulge go away, but there is a specific tool, the Cool Advantage and Cool Advantage Plus Applicator, that was specifically designed to make it go away – ASAP

Bra Fat
It just showed up one day, didn’t it? All the sudden the skin under your bra (and bikini) just started popping out.How did that happen? Good news is CoolSculpting can not only get rid of it, but the specifically designed Cool Advantage and Cool Advantage Plus Applicators can do it in a safe, non-invasive manner by cooling the skin in the bra area. This cooling, safely and naturally kills the fat cells immediately below the surface of your skin. The dead fat cells are then processed through your lymph system leaving your bra area without the bulge and in its place - the contour and shape you want.

Inner Thighs
Want an inner thigh gap and to get rid of that uncomfortable feeling of your thighs rubbing together? The Cool Advantage and Cool Advantage Plus Applicator were designed to do just that! Each CoolSculpting session is non-invasive and safe, naturally reducing the fat in the inner thigh area by 20%.

Treatment areas using the Cool Advantage Petite Applicator

Chin and Neck
Get ready to never see your double chin again with our most popular non-invasive double chin removing procedure! CoolSculpting is the #1 treatment we use to get rid of extra skin around the chin and neck. One of the reasons CoolSculpting is so effective in eliminating double chins is because there is a tool, the Cool Advantage Petite, specifically designed for doing just that!

Upper Arms
Many of us did not think about how age would impact ours arms until of course – we started noticing the skin getting looser and floppier. Now with CoolSculpting, and the special CoolSculpting Advantage Petite applicator specifically made for this problem area, that loose arm skin and fat can be naturally frozen away - restoring your arms back to the contour you remember and love.

Knee (aka Fat Area Above the Knee, the Upper Knee or Distal Thigh)
At some point, the skin above the knee inexplicably starts to sag. But, it doesn’t have to stay this way! With one to a few sessions with CoolSculpting’s Cool Advantage Petite Applicator, you can freeze the sag and fat away, leaving you with the sculpted and contoured legs you want – and deserve.

Treatment areas using the Cool Smooth Applicator

Outer Thighs
Our Denver CoolSculpting clients love what the specifically designed Cool Smooth Applicator can do to get rid of pronounced pockets of the fat, sometimes referred to as “saddlebags”, bulging from the outer thigh. Because this area is not quite as “pinchable” as other areas the Cool Smooth Applicator leverages three cool panels with no suction to achieve comparable results to the suction hand pieces while offering a much more pleasant and comfortable treatment. Get rid of the access fat so you can feel confident at the beach or giving your legs a better overall contour.