Hair Removal

Removing hair has never been so simple. With different options available, you're guaranteed to get a simply smooth you in no time!

Laser Hair Removal

Denver Laser Hair Removal

Intense pulse light (IPL) erases unwanted facial and body hair in just a few treatments. The ability to achieve excellent results on any skin tone is what makes it unique. More comfortable than traditional lasers, electrolysis or waxing, this leading edge treatment gives you lasting results.

Price per treatment:
Full Body (best option when treating 4 or more different areas) $950
Full legs (includes bikini) $500
Full Back (includes shoulders and neckline) $500
Upper leg (includes bikini) $300
Lower leg $250
Bikini $150
Bikini thong $175
Bikini extended $200
Forearm $125
Underarm $120
Hands and feet $50
Lip $55
Sideburns $45
Glabella (in between eyes) $45
Chest $350
Neckline $75
Beard $150
Aerola $55
Ears $55
Nose $45
Chin $65

A series of about 6 treatments is needed for permanent hair reduction. If treatments are needed after the 6th session they are considered maintenance and is at half price.

Frequently Asked Questions about Hair Removal

What is laser hair removal?
Laser is the source of light used to target and destroy cells that produce hair follicles. Although in Denver it is most commonly referred to as laser hair removal, this technique is FDA cleared as permanent hair reduction. Permanent hair reduction indicates that there may be a few soft, fine stray hair left over after a full series of treatments.

What is intense pulsed light or IPL?
Intense pulsed light or IPL is a light beam as opposed to a laser beam, a different modality also used to target and destroy the hair follicles. Here at Denver Laser Solutions we use IPL to achieve permanent hair reduction.

How does it work?
Both IPL and laser work similarly by targeting pigment in the hair. The color of your hair attracts the light, converts it to heat, and ultimately destroys the cells responsible for hair growth. The darker and thicker the hair, the larger the target. This hair is most responsive to permanent hair reduction.

What are the benefits of IPL over laser?
Unlike laser, IPL has the ability to pulse with multiple wavelengths, this allows good treatment of a range of hair types from thin to thick and light to dark. Also, because it is a flash of light and not a collimated beam of light (think of a laser pointer) IPL has the ability to treat a much larger surface area than traditional lasers do.

Is IPL Safe?
Our IPL platform is water-cooled which means the hand piece tip gets very cold. It acts like an ice pack that sits directly on your skin while warming the hair follicle. This results in a treatment that is skin-friendly and safe.

Does IPL hurt?
Most people liken the sensation to a warm rubber band snap. The water-cooled tip cools the skin before, during, and after treating the hair. All of which allows for a more comfortable session. You may feel a mild sunburn-like sensation for some time after the laser treatment but this resolves quickly so you can immediately resume daily activities.

How many treatments will I need?
IPL can only effectively treat hair in the active growth stage, when the hair is still attached to the follicle. Only about 10 to 20 percent of the hair on your body is in the active growth stage at any given time so most people need around six to nine treatments, spaced four to eight weeks apart, depending on the area being treated.

Am I a good candidate?
IPL is safe for all skin types, from very light to very dark. Since the platform is targeting pigment, it will not work on light blonde (peach fuzz), red, white, or gray hair. There are also other factors in determining the efficacy of permanent hair reduction, including hormones and genetics, which your technician will address during your initial visit.

How should I prepare for my laser treatment?
We ask our laser hair removal patients to come in shaven and to avoid any waxing or tweezing for three weeks before your appointment. Avoid any prolonged sun exposure both two weeks before and after each treatment, and refrain from using self-tanners.

Facial Dermaplaning

Light exfoliation with a feathered razor removes unwanted peach fuzz and dead skin cells. Combined with the application of a hydrating treatment to leave your skin soft, supple, and hair-free!

45 minutes, $80

Frequently Asked Questions about Dermaplaning

What is Dermaplaning?
Dermaplaning is an exfoliating procedure that uses a feather blade to remove both dead skin and vellus hair (“peach fuzz”) on the face. This has many benefits, including better product absorption, smoother skin texture, and flawless makeup application. We often combine dermaplaning with our facials since the Denver climate can leave our skin dull and dehydrated.

Will dermaplaning make my hair grow back darker and coarser?
No, it is physiologically impossible for the hair to grow darker and thicker. Hair grows from the base of the follicle, which is not disturbed by the dermaplaning treatment.

How long do results last?
Most of our Denver clients usually see the hair growing back in about three to four weeks. If you would like dermaplaning to be part of your regular beauty regimen, we recommend coming in every four weeks to maintain the soft, smooth appearance.

Am I a good candidate for dermaplaning?
Nearly everyone is a good candidate for dermaplaning! Dermaplaning is perfect for our clients who have rosacea or those prone to redness, as it is less stimulating compared to other exfoliation treatments like microdermabrasion. It is however not recommended for patients who have cystic acne or active cold sore outbreaks.

Microdermabrasion vs. Dermaplaning, which is better?
While one is not necessarily better than the other, both have their benefits. Microdermabrasion can provide a deeper exfoliation than dermaplaning, but does not remove vellus hair. If your main concern is to remove peach fuzz, dermaplaning is the best treatment for you. Your esthetician will be able to recommend which procedure is the best fit for your needs.

What should I expect after treatment?
Most of our Denver skin care clients leave with a healthy glow to their skin. Some may experience slight redness and irritation but this is temporary and usually subsides in about an hour. As with any exfoliating treatment, good sunscreen habits are a must.


Not a permanent solution but great for looking and feeling silky smooth in a flash!

Brows $18
Lip or Chin $10
Full Face $40
Underarms $25
Bikini $35+
Brazilian $55+
Full Leg $55
Half Leg $38
Full Back $55
Chest $35

Frequently Asked Questions about Waxing

What waxing services do you offer?

At Denver Laser Solutions we offer full body waxing, from eyebrows and ears to legs and feet! If you want multiple areas waxed, keep in mind that we offer discounts! Any three areas are discounts 10% and any six areas are discounted 20%.

How do I prepare for my waxing service?

To properly wax and receive the most effective result it is required to grow the hair out approximately one to two inches in length, as the wax does need to stick to the hair for proper removal.

Am I a good candidate for waxing?

Waxing is well tolerated by most, but you cannot receive waxing if you have been on Accutane in the past six months, as well as refrained from using topical prescription retinol products for one week in the area. The wax used for waxing is warm to the touch so it is also important that you are not sunburned in the area you are waxing.

Are there any risks associated with waxing?

Because waxing incidentally also removes dead skin cells it is imperative to protect the skin from sun exposure with an SPF of 15 or higher for a minimum of 7 days following. Some skin types may be sensitive to certain waxes and can experience a breakout which will clear up within a few days. Using certain wax for your skin type can solve this problem.

How do I Avoid Ingrown Hairs when Waxing?

Many people who wax regularly, particularly in the bikini area, tend to develop ingrown hairs. Ingrown hairs happen when the skin grows more rapidly than the next cycle of hair growth. You can help reduce ingrown hairs by diligently exfoliating the skin and shaving in the same direction as hair growth not against it. However, it may be impossible to completely avoid ingrown hairs all together.

How long does waxing last?

Waxing is not a permanent solution but is great when needing to look have silky smooth skin in a flash! Hair growth cycles vary in different areas of the body ranging from 4-8 weeks.

Can I wax and still receive laser hair removal treatments?

Unfortunately you cannot wax the area in which you are receiving laser hair reduction on, as we need the hair in the follicle present as a target for the laser to achieve results. We recommend not waxing for at least three weeks before laser hair removal treatment.

Mix, Match, and Save!

Combine therapies to maximize results.

Any 3 treatments 10% off
Any 6 treatments 20% off
Any 9 treatments 25% off