Scar Revision

Old and new scars can become history.

When it comes to surgical or wound-healing scars it is best to start revision as soon as possible although it's never to late. Ideally most effective treatment occur shortly after the wound is healed before scar tissue has a chance to set in. Whether they started out raised or discolored, your surgical and acne scars will no longer be the first thing people see.

Fractional laser energy is delivered into the skin to breakup scar tissue. Over a series of treatments collagen regeneration smooths out both pitted acne scars and raised keloid scars. Intense pulse light photo facial may also be used if the scar has irregular pigment or is red.

Cost of Laser Scar Removal
Price per treatment:

Small area, $150
Medium area, $250
Large area, $400

Mix, Match and Save!

Combine therapies to maximize your results.
10% off any 3 treatments
20% off any 6 treatments
25% off any 9 treatments

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Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Scar Treatment

How does laser scar removal work?
Although we may never be able to fully remove your scars we will reduce their appearance and fade them from view. Laser scar treatment works by delivering heat columns into the skin to break up scar tissue. This heat causes slight damage to the tissue resulting in collagen stimulation. The production of collagen helps the skin return to its natural state.

What types of scars can be treated?
This type of laser scar removal treatment can be used for virtually any kind of scar, acne scars, wound healing scars and surgical scars can all be improved, reduced or removed, anywhere on the body.

How many treatments will I need?
Reducing the appearance of your scar will take some time. Although you will see improvements fairly quickly we recommend a series of at least three treatments. For some of our Denver scar revision clients, Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is added to assist in toning down red or brown coloring in the scar which helps obtain your most optimal result.

Am I a good candidate for laser scar removal?
If you have a scar that’s been bothering you please don’t hesitate to discuss with us your options for treatment. Our laser is safe for all skin types, from very light to very dark.

Does laser treatment for scar reduction hurt?
Although the discomfort is manageable, we recommend using a topical numbing cream to make the procedure a little more comfortable. You can purchase prescription-strength numbing cream from us, or we can apply it for you approximately 45 minutes prior to your treatment.

What should I expect after treatment?
You will experience some warmth, redness and slight swelling in the treated area. A topical wound healing cream will be applied and ice is recommended intermittently post treatment for comfort and proper healing. Keep the area moist with aquaphor and protected from the sun with spf daily. You may also refer to our aftercare page for more a detailed description.