Our Process

What to Expect and How the CoolSculpting Process Works

Know this - CoolSculpting is both a fine art and a precise science.

The art of CoolSculpting is in understanding how to contour each individual body to enhance its natural curvature.

The science is understanding how to precisely and effectively use the advanced CoolSculpting technology to bring this natural curvature into an attractive and natural appearing reality.

For these reasons, it is critical to work with the right CoolSculpting professional. Find someone who understands the art of curvature, but not the science, the results could be your body appearing lumpy. Work with someone who understands the science, but not the art, and you might miss having the perfect appearance and curvature you want - and deserve.

CoolSculpting is For Body Contouring Not Weight Loss

Subcutaneous fat, the fat eliminated in the CoolSculpting treatment, is different from visceral fat cells, the fat that surrounds your organs and causes you to gain weight. To lose weight you must shrink visceral fat cells. Treating visceral fat cells is not done with CoolSculpting and as such CoolSculpting does not assist in losing weight.

Interestingly, when we gain weight the fat cells in our body get bigger, and as we lose weight those same cells get smaller. With people who are within their normal body weight, the number of their fat cells is determined during early adolescence and remains relatively consistent throughout their lives. Our fat cells are replaced at about 10% per year so as the fat cells are removed through CoolSculpting it takes time for them to replenish.

Why You Should Work with Denver Laser Solutions

When you partner with Denver Laser Solutions CoolSculpting professionals, you get our proven process used successfully with all our clients. This process includes:

The initial CoolSculpting free consultation. During this consultation, we:

  1. Discuss the area or areas you would like to focus on
  2. Provide you a 360oassessment, from chin to knee, to help guide you in deciding which areas of your body CoolSculpting could support
  3. Determine your unique goals and expecttions
  4. Work together to formulate a personal treatment plan. This treatment plan includes the area (or areas) we will focus on first, second and thereafter.
  5. Ensure the applicators are appropriate for your individual body type and your unique goals
  6. Outline exact treatment costs
  7. Schedule your first treatment!

What you can expect during your first and subsequent CoolSculpting treatments:

  1. We will confirm and mark the areas to be treated during the session.
  2. We will then place the applicators on the area or areas to be treated.
  3. Once the session begins, there will be a 10-minute period where the treated areas gets very cold. After approximately 10-minutes, the area will be numb and our clients relax, often watching movies on their devices,eating, working, reading or even taking a nap.
  4. The duration of the treatment varies between 30 to 90 minutes depending on the area or areas treated. We often treat multiple areas during one visit. For example, during the same appointment we can treat the thighs and the stomach. However, we always work closely with you to ensure we are both helping you meet your goals and not overwhelming your body with too many treatment areas during one scheduled session.
  5. Upon completion, the applicators are removed, and we do a light massage on the area. This massage increases the efficacy of the treatment by 60%!
  6. We consider CoolSculpting a “lunchtime treatment” meaning, there is no downtime associated with it. The area treated might be a little sore, tender to the touch or have very light, but unnoticeable to others, swelling.
  7. We then ask you to return after 60 days for a check in appointment. During this appointment, we will determine progress, review before and after photos and discuss if any additional treatments are desired.