Mix Match and Save!

Popular Skin Care Packages

Many of our Denver skincare and Denver Botox clients have similar concerns. Our mix, match, and save discount structure is provided to encourage combination therapy. This allows both your esthetician and yourself the best opportunity to achieve excellent results. Below are the most popular packages customized for common skin and age-related concerns.


3 Ultherapy Lower face treatments + 3 Age Defying Facials with Vitamin C infusions $1950

Product Recommendation: NuFace Trinity Pro

The combination of collagen production, lymphatic drainage, and muscle stimulation ensures firming of the jowls to expose a crisp jaw line, reduction of excess skin or “turkey neck” and softened neck lines.

Liquid Facelift

2 syringes of Voluma, 1 syringe of Juvederm, 40 units of Botox $2200

Product Recommendation: Yon-ka Optomizer Serum and Cream

Even if you were to go under the knife a surgical facelift would still not replace the loss of volume that has occurred over the years. That baby face you once had was full of healthy fat and with the invention of Denver injectable fillers you are now able to get that youthful appearance back.

Wrinkle Free

3 Dermal Needling Face + 3 Age Correction Facials $700

Product Recommendation: Yon-ka Excellence Code Cream

The good thing about line and wrinkle treatments in Denver is that there are many ways to achieve improvement. Collagen induction therapy is becoming more popular due to its remarkable results at a fraction of the cost of CO2 laser treatment. Combined with nutrient-rich Age Correction Facials, this ensures a balanced skin care diet to fight unwanted wrinkles on the face.


3 Photo facials + 3 MicroPeels $985

Product Recommendation: Reconstructive Retinol Booster MD

Pigmentation is by far the number one concern addressed by our downtown Denver skincare clients. Luckily IPL technology works tremendously well to lift up years of sun damage. Ongoing and cumulative, each additional IPL treatment provides more and more skin clarity. Micropeel treatments spaced two weeks after each photofacial are great compliments to the process. They each aggressively exfoliate the old skin lifted by the photofacial causing additional brightening of the skin.

Acne Scar Reduction

3 1540 on cheeks + 3 TCA Peels $960

Product Recommendation: Reconstructive lightening cream RX

We find the most common area on the face with acne scars are the cheeks. Our non-ablative fractional laser pushes heat columns into the skin causing acne pock marks to lift and soften while clearing residual dark spots. TCA peels work topically to thin out the skin reducing the depth of pock marks and also help with pigmentation.


3 Balancing Facials + 3 Level II Chemical Peels $420

Product Recommendation: Yonka Breakout Control Kit

Acne has many triggers such as hormone fluctuations and food allergies. It is important to speak with your healthcare provider in addition to working with your esthetician to potentially eliminate the cause of your acne. However, regardless of how the acne got there in the first place there is a general rule for treatment: Oil control, destroying acne-causing bacteria, and exfoliation. These three simple steps go a long way to purifying the acne prone skin.

Bright Eyes

44 units of Denver Botox, Ultherapy periorbital, fractional laser skin resurfacing periorbital. $1450

Product recommendation: Yon-ka Cellular Code Eye

As we mature our eyelids start to droop while crows feet slowly start to etch there way into the skin. Ultherapy provides a long-lasting brow lift while Botox softens expression lines. This in turn enables our fractional laser treatment to stimulate collagen production. The end result is a bright, opened, and more youthful eye area.