Discoloration and Redness Reduction

Clear Up Unwanted Discoloration Brought on by Sun, Age, Rosacea and Melasma

A clear skin complexion is what you were born with but years of sun accumulation has created brown spots and broken red capillaries, while Rosacea and Melasma create discoloration on the face and skin.Thankfully, returning to this youthful look is easy with today’s skin care technology. Although rosacea and melasma cannot be 100% cleared from the skin, there are many options available to help keep their affects at bay. Denver Laser Solution has many options available to help lighten the effect of discoloration on the skin. Below are the treatments we will use to get your skin back to a porcelain glow!

Eliminate Brown Spots, Sun Damage, Broken Vessels and Reduce Rosacea

This quick 30-minute treatment uses intense-pulsed light (IPL) to target red and brown pigment. The heat generated from the light lifts brown spots to the surface and causes them to flake off to reveal an improved skin tone, eliminate discoloration, reduce sun damage, resolve broken vessels and improve Rosacea for a more overall even skin tone.

Treat and Lighten Melasma
Melasma Treatment

Although Melasma is a chronic skin condition that may never fully go away, it can be treated annually to keep the pigment at bay. A Photofacial is the first step in successful Melasma treatment. Following the Photofacial, we will ask you to apply two different creams for two weeks. Your next treatment is a TCA Chemical Peel. With additional steps to protect yourself from the sun, plenty of exercise and healthy lifestyle choices Melasma can be effectively managed.

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